The Epilepsy Toolkit 

The Epilepsy Toolkit 

So having a seizure whilst alone and in public is probably my worst nightmare. So I have come up with a solution which would help someone if they were to kindly help me out if I was having a seizure! I’ve also added some things in that might be handy when you have reached the hospital ! So here goes ! 

A bag the size of a large pencil case – to store everything in ! 

ID card- you can have these made or make one yourself online ! It needs to include your name, condition, age, weight (in case emergency medication needs to be administered), maybe a photo of yourself (nothing to raunchy 😜 haha, naughty) your address etc 

Medication information- so I’ve made myself a little medication info thing ! Its so say what you take, when you take it and if you get any side effects from it etc. 

Mini first aid kit- I found this in my local pharmacy for £1 ! It’s great for if you have hurt yourself and someone is willing to perform some first aid, even if it’s just wrapping a bandage round your head to stop a bleed ! 

Spare knickers/boxers – I know what your thinking, why the hell would you put that in there ! I can tell you now there is nothing worse than waking up having pissed yourself through a seizure and having to wear a hospital gown with no underwear on or the hospital having you wear the dreaded paper undies ! Grim ! (Might wanna throw a pack of femfresh wipes in there too if you um wanna sort yourself out, nothing better than a fresh foof) 

Glasses wipe- if your like me and wear glasses a glasses wipe is handy to have as you may have got them dirty during the seizure ! (Or broken them usually in my case oops sorry mum) 

Cheap phone- just as a back up phone if you want to phone friends or family and your phone is out of juice ! And for a cheeky game of snake while you wait for the doctors to come tell you to do one ! 

Tissues- pack of tissues for your issues cause girl you got a few ! 

Hairband- get your mane out of your face ! Might of got a bit of mud in there, shove it back, you’ll be right. 

Emergency poncho- okay so picture this.. Your having a seizure outside and it starts raining, nobody can move you because let’s face it you have eaten one too many chocolate bars, what’s the solution… A loose emergency poncho laid over you ! Nailed it. 

Socks- for in the hospital when your feet get cold or cause they smell cause your smelly. 

Pen and small bit of paper- for anyone to write anything down ! 

Medication and emergency medication- always keep it on you at all times ! Paramedics need to know this shit, before they overdose you, and you end up going crazy! 

Sweeties- for when your feeling sad when you wake up. And just cause I love sweets, let’s be honest they probably won’t even last up until you have the seizure your just eat them anyway haha ! 

I hope you have enjoyed this blog ! 

What would you add to the epilepsy tool kit ? 

Let me know ! 

Over and out 


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